HA Antioxidant Boost


Get ready to quench your skin’s thirst with our HA Antioxidant Boost! This serum delivers both immediate and long-term moisture. It goes the extra mile by shielding your skin from free radical damage caused by UV/HEV light. Watch as it visibly improves elasticity and tone, leaving your skin feeling soft and smoothing rough, dry, and flaky patches away. Say goodbye to parched skin – it’s time to elevate your hydration game!

For optimal results, incorporate the HA Antioxidant Boost into your morning and evening routine, seven days a week.

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Skin Types

All skin types

Skin Concerns

Anti-aging, anti-pollution, dehydration, skin firmness, skin redness, dullness

Key Ingredients

Hyaluronic Acid – Instantly hydrates and plumps
Snow Mushroom Extract – a natural humectant, 400x more hydrating than HA alone, draws water deep within the skin
Acquacell – a hydrating, superfood fruit complex, hydrates skin for immediate and lasting results- supplies skin with key NMF
Withania Somnifera Flower Extract – protects from screen-emitted light, fights digital pollution, boosts cellular energy
Protective Botanical Complex – Triple-action design: block against heavy metals,protection and stabilization of the cellular membranes, antioxidant action

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