Pink Clay Clarifying Mask


Experience the transformative benefits of our Pink Clay Clarifying Mask! This mask is your new go-to for clear, radiant skin. It does it all: prevents pore clogging and absorbing excess oils, gently exfoliates for renewed radiance and a silky-smooth texture, and loads up on nourishing antioxidants and potent moisturizers to minimize lines and wrinkles. Not just that – it minimizes active breakouts while keeping future ones at bay.

Ideal for use 1-3 times weekly, morning or evening.

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Skin Types

oily, acne, normal, combo

Skin Concerns

Acne-prone, anti-aging, dull skin, clogged pores, uneven skin tone/texture

Key Ingredients

Papain Enzymes – natural fruit enzymes exfoliate dead skin and debris
Pumpkin Enzymes – a natural form of AHA, containing Vitamin C & A, promotes exfoliation, decongestion, and brightening
0.49% Salicylic Acid – penetrates pores to dissolve oil and debris
Bentonite and Kaolin Clays – reduce excess sebum and absorbs impurities
Squalane – rich in fatty acids, restores skin’s suppleness, strengthening the barrier to lock in essential hydration

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